Weather & Emergency Closure Information


Hockinson School District makes every effort to ensure safety throughout the district. In the unfortunate event that safety is compromised, HSD will communicate to staff, students, and parents on the situation and potential impacts. These communications include information on school closures or late starts due to weather or natural disasters, structural damage to buildings or any potential threats. The district uses multiple communication tools to deliver this information in an effective and timely manner. Please review the information below to stay informed.

Stay Up-To-Date with News Sources:
Automated Phone Calls & Emails. Please keep your contact information updated with the district's Family Access (Skyward) system. This will ensure accurate and timely notifications. You can contact your school office to update your information. 

District website. Bookmark for easy access.

FlashAlert News. This site sends automatic notifications to the local news and radio stations and displays operating status.

Social Media Accounts
HSD Facebook
HSD Twitter

Weather-Related Closures:
Hockinson School District administrators take many factors into consideration when determining school closures, and then notify the media and place calls and send emails to families and staff through our automated notification system.

Additional announcements are made on the district's homepage, social media pages and FlashAlert News.

If the Hockinson area experiences inclement weather during the school day and buses cannot safely transport students home, students will be kept at school to wait for their parents or to make other transportation arrangements. If the bus driver believes a student may be locked out of their home during bad weather, the student will be returned to their school or the district office, if schools are closed. There are no before school or after school activities during a school closure

If there are problems with the roads due to snow or ice, there are several events that occur depending on severity:

1. Schools open on time: buses on regular routes
2. Schools open on time: buses on Snow Routes
3. Schools on two-hour late start: buses on regular routes
4. Schools on two-hour late start: buses on Snow Routes
5. Early Release due to inclement weather

Late Starts:
In the event of late starts, school begins two hours later than the regular starting time, and there will be no morning pre-school. There are no before-school activities during a two-hour late start. Please see your school’s website for their two-hour late start schedules.

Snow Routes - Buses:
Snow route information is available on the Busing Information page. 

If the district is operating on Snow Routes in the morning, buses will also be on Snow Routes in the afternoon, even if the roads are dry, to eliminate confusion of pick-up points. Parents who have to drive their children to school in the morning will also need to make arrangements to pick them up in the afternoon. Parents always have the option to keep a student home if they believe it is unsafe to navigate the roads around Hockinson. Please notify your child's school of your decision.