Home Depot Outfits HHES for Safety

Thanks to Home Depot, Hockinson Heights Elementary School is better prepared for the unexpected!

When assistant principal Chuck Sheron noticed the school’s classrooms lacked emergency supplies, he picked up the phone and called the East Vancouver store. 

“The idea is if we get stranded here or there’s a natural disaster and for whatever reason kids are stuck in classrooms and can’t leave, we should have supplies in each room,” Sheron said.

When Rodney Anderson at Home Depot heard Sheron’s concern, he asked him how many buckets the school needed. Sheron said 50 should do it.

Next thing he knew, Home Depot had 50 buckets ready for him, filled with flashlights, batteries, latex gloves, plastic bags, emergency rations and duct tape.

“I just gave them my wish list,” Sheron said. “If it was on their shelves, they donated it. They were very generous.” 

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