A 'High Five' for the HSD Team: Student Learning Up on '22 SBA


The HSD is committed to preparing all students for future success.  Our vision fits well with the goal of the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA), which is to assess the learner's knowledge and critical thinking and problem-solving skills associated with college and career readiness in the 21st Century.

On November 21, HSD Superintendent Steve Marshall sent an email to all district staff informing them of Hockinson's students performance and growth on the Spring 2022 SBA. (See email below). This growth would not have been possible without our parents, staff, and students working together and in the same direction.

So, well done! These Big 5 results (ELA, Math, Science, ELA Growth, and Math Growth) are an exciting indicator that our students will be ready to pursue whatever it is they want to do after graduation.

Parents: Curious about your student’s Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) English, Math, and Science results? Paper results are no longer mailed to families, but parents can view their students’ 2022 SBA results and SBA history by clicking “Test Scores” in Skyward Family Access.


Dear HSD:

Congratulations on our good/great Spring SBA 2022 test scores! Before I go any further, I want to quote Marguerite Roza, professor at Georgetown University, who said: "Test scores don't tell us everything, but they tell us something." So, while test scores do not wholly represent all of the learning that takes place in school - nor do they reflect the "whole student," personal, and socioemotional impact you have on our students - they are one indicator, an indicator that is standardized and can be compared.

What did our students' performance on the Spring SBA tell us? Well, taken collectively, they tell us that we did a really impressive job of helping our students recover from the academic impacts of the pandemic. Here is a comparison of the 2019 v 2022 Statewide SBA Scores:

Statewide ELA Math Science
2019 61.10% 51.40% 46%
2022 50.70% 37.70% 42.70%
  -10.4 -13.7



And a comparison of our 2019 v 2022 scores here in the HSD:

HSD ELA Math Science
2019 69.20% 56.70% 46.70%
2022 63.10% 51.30% 56.20%
  -6.1 -5.4 9.5


What do these scores tell us? Taking into account the Fall 2021 (aka Spring 2021) scores...

2021 HSD 59.7 42.6 35.8
2021 Statewide 47.7 30.4 45.8


and our scores relative to local school districts...

District ELA Math Science Growth ELA Growth Math
Hockinson 63.1 51.3 56.2 48 49.9
Battle Ground 53.8 38.4 49.1 33.2 32.5
Camas 74.9 64.6 69.7 35 39.1
Evergreen 38.5 25 35.6 26.7 31.1
Ridgefield 62.4 47.8 49.3 26 33
Washougal 53.3 37.3 47.1 35.4 36
Woodland 50.8 34.7 45.1 49.3 51.8
Vancouver 42.3 29.4 39.7 30.6 32.7


they indicate that there was a high level of teaching and learning this past year in our schools. They might also indicate that our Science teachers are magical. Now, they are indeed a special bunch and they definitely had a positive impact on our students' Science knowledge and skills, but it is important to keep in mind that there was a testing snafu last fall and we missed our entire 8th grade cohort. 

So, taken by themselves these scores are "good." But comparatively, they are "great." That is not to say there is room for improvement. There is. For instance, our scores remain inconsistent across student groups. Those discussions will occur throughout this school year. However, please accept this virtual pat on the back and keep connecting with and helping our students grow(Look at the "High Growth" cells [in blue], which show the level of growth that took place after the Fall 2021 SBA.) The numbers don't lie - WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE

I hope you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving/Thanksgiving Break -



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