A Day In The Life Of A 6th Grader

Team 6th grade

6th Grade Parents:

Please join us at the middle school on Thursday, September 19, from 6:00-7:45 pm, for a chance to hear from each of your student's teachers in their classroom. We will start the night promptly at 6:00 in the gym for a quick explanation of the process, and then release you to follow your student's schedule.

There will be 10 minute presentations in each class where you will learn about procedures, routines, homework, grading, and other expectations from each teacher, followed by a 5 min passing time to get to the next class. You will follow your student's schedule from 1st period through 6th period, with no HomeBase class. Because of the short amount of time in each class, there will not be time to ask specific questions about your student. If you still have questions after the night, we ask that you email your student’s teachers directly. 

We encourage you to bring your student with you; if you can't, please have your student write down their schedule with room numbers before you come. The office will not be open as the purpose of this evening is to get to know your student's classes, and how things operate in the 6th grade. Someone will be available in the Library to help with Schoology questions. Feel free to stop by early (we will be open at 5:30 in the library), or if you have a period where a teacher is not present (a few cannot make it for the evening), or after the night is over for Schoology help.

We look forward to seeing you!

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