Robots Bring Fun, Learning to HSD Students


July 21, 2021 will long be remembered by HSD students as the day the robots came to Hockinson.

The FIRST* Robotics Team 2471, a cooperative program involving students from the Camas, Washougal, and Hockinson School Districts, brought robots and a variety of interactive STEM activities for HHES and HMS students.  Students learned about coding, robot design, and troubleshooting.

* FIRST: Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology


When asked “What part of today did you enjoy the most?” incoming 9th Grader Lillian Roscoe replied, “I really liked the big robot.” The big robot was Artemis, a competition robot designed to scoop balls from the floor and shoot them at a target.


The visits to HHES and HMS gave students an inside look at the Team 2471 organization as well as all of its opportunities for skill and leadership development. Team members can specialize in such areas as engineering/mechanics, electronics, programming, and a variety of roles in business and communications. Students also walked away with a practical understanding of the roles Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math play in robot design, testing, and problem solving.


This will not be the last time Team 2471 will come to Hockinson. They are planning on returning in late August for the HHS Orientation, where they hope to connect with students interested in joining the team.  Currently, there is only student from HHS involved in the program. Last year there were none.  That is something that Superintendent Steve Marshall expects will turn around in the near future.  “Today was incredible,” he said. “I love seeing students teaching other students. I also really like to see young adults in leadership roles. This entire event was coordinated with [Team 2471] students and we are committed to offering similar experiences for our students to learn about the robotics program and creating a K-8 pipeline for Hockinson students who are interested in participating in it.”

Hockinson families can learn more about Team 2471 by visiting its website or contacting its parent advisor Rona Ager at

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