Message from the Superintendent

Message from the Sup


HSD Parents:

I want to take a moment to address a recent social media rumor about Mother’s Day and Hockinson Schools, and provide you with accurate information related to this rumor. As you are aware, any information, even if it is not correct, can spread quickly on social media. 

In short, it is circulating that the Hockinson School District has canceled Mother’s Day. This is not accurate. A grade level team at Hockinson Heights Elementary School noticed that a number of students did not have mothers at home. In recognition that these students have family situations such as a household led by grandparents, older siblings, or foster parents, the teachers broadened the celebration to include the guardian/caregiver in their student’s lives. These students honored important adults in their lives, while students with mothers in their lives honored their mothers.

In expanding Mother’s Day to include other adult caregivers, these teachers did not attempt to push an agenda of any kind. They were making a compassionate attempt to include and support the students in their classrooms who have different family circumstances. 

Hockinson teachers have a huge heart for our students. They care about their learning and they care about their students’ feelings and sense of belonging in our classrooms and schools. In this instance, some in our community misunderstood teacher intent and misrepresented it. This is disappointing to me. The Hockinson community lifts up its students and schools in so many ways. In this instance, I feel that some chose to sensationalize a classroom project and use it as an opportunity to divide people.

Speaking of opportunities, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to acknowledge all that moms do to support their children and families. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our Hockinson moms.  On behalf of the Hockinson School District, I want you to know that we appreciate you and all that you do at home so your children come to school ready to learn and grow. I wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day a couple days in advance. We also appreciate the contributions of all of our caregivers. Education is a team effort and we could not do it without you meeting these same responsibilities at home.  

As always, I encourage parents to reach out to their student’s teachers or schools whenever you have any questions or concerns. This open line of communication is so important to keeping us connected and on the same page. As shared in our latest HSD News Round Up, we are dedicated to improving communication and transparency because we know that these are crucial to maintaining your trust and support. 

I went a little long in addressing this topic so I am going keep it to the point on the aforementioned news items:

  • Our district’s snow day waiver request to OSPI was denied so the last day of school will remain Tuesday, June 20.

  • Due to some unforeseen circumstance, the School Board’s land purchase was delayed a couple of months. This purchase is expected to be finalized in early June. More details will be shared out with HSD families once it is completed.

  • Congratulations to Anne-Elissa Carter who has been selected by the School Board to serve as the Director of District #3, a position that opened when Dave Olson stepped down from the Board last month for family reasons. We will be sharing a profile of Mrs. Carter as well as a “thank you” to Mr. Olson in the days ahead.

  • Today marks the end of Teacher Appreciation Week. Our schools have organized activities (and treats) throughout the week to salute these amazing educators. A big Thank You to the PWT and to all of you who have sent them emails, notes, and gifts. Our teachers really do change the world, one student at a time. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out HSD social media, where we’ve highlighted just a few of the 117 outstanding educators in our schools.

In closing, Hockinson Schools are in good hands. You, along with our school leaders, School Board, and staff make a great partnership that ensures our students are cared for and prepared for future success. Working together we will keep the HSD headed in the right direction: Upward!



Steve Marshall


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